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“Vlad, you forgot your gloves!” Integra called out as Vlad stepped out into the yard full of orange and brown leaves. It was a chilly afternoon in the Romanian countryside. Vlad was going to the forest to collect wood.
The young man pouted. “You’re like my mother,” he said, going back to the small cottage he and Integra shared for years.

“You’re not going anywhere without your gloves, Vlad. You don’t want your hands to freeze off. If that happens, how are you going to pick up wood?” She handed him the gloves she made for him during the summer. He put them on.

“Do you want to go with me, draga mea*?”

“I don’t know,” Integra said, unsure of herself. “I rather stay inside during days like this.”

“Vlad noticed something missing. Integra had a coat and gloves, but she needed something to keep her neck warm. He knew what she needed. He had a red scarf his mother gave to him when he was little. The only problem was that both of them needed the scarf. He only had one.

“If you want, we can share,” Vlad told her, smiling. He unfolded the scarf, and gave one end to Integra.

Integra folded her end around her neck. “It’s so warm. I think I’m more comfortable going outside with this on.”

“See? I told you. It’s nice and warm,” Vlad bragged. “Now off we---”

Both of them had not thought about the difficulties of walking while sharing a scarf, and they fell into the leaves, feet hanging in the air.

“Goodness, how do I get myself into these situations?” Integra rolled over so she and Vlad could be beside each other.

“I think my scarf had something to do with this,” Vlad teased, and leaned up to give Integra a kiss on her forehead.


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